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making life sweeter

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Jade. She loved cake. And chocolate. And all sorts of sweet treats.


She dedicated her days to sampling all the cakes in the land. And my, was she happpy.


Then one day she decided, what if she could make them herself?


And so, she set about trying her hand at making cakes. Yummy little treats that she could share with all her fellow cake lovers.


Now, there were already lots of other good cake makers out there - so she wanted to be different. And 'lo and behold she brought the Cake pop to the lovely kingdom of Kirkcudbright and beyond.


Jade and her faithful bestie - little Prince Clive are often out and about with brand new flavours for you to try. They started to feel a little bad that lovely folk may only get to try them if they lived nearby and thus 'Pops by Post' was born. 'Treats, Darling?' gourmet cakepops can now magically (thanks to Royal Mail) wing their way all around the UK. And indeed Jade's bespoke children's parties are now available in Dumfries & Galloway, Cumbria, Ayr, Essex and some parts of Kent and London! Isn't that just the happiest little cake story you ever did hear?




Jade's tale..


Darlings, out and about..

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